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Barry Bödeker is a designer from Sligo on the northwest coast of Ireland. His business focuses on image-making for clients working in the fields of science, education and culture. Barry's work has appeared in many articles and publications such as; Forbes Magazine, Spektrum, Der Spiegel, Creative Review, GQ, National Geographic, Research World, The New York Times on Medium, Vanity Fair, ArtChain, and Bitcoin News. Barry also works at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing at the University of California, Berkeley.

Composition O&Y / Mixed Media ©Stocksy/Adobe

Dorian Gray Concept / Paint & Ink ©Stocksy/Adobe

Velvet Water Stain / Indian Ink on Paper ©Stocksy/Adobe

Wavelength XI / Digital lines & Ink on Paper ©Stocksy/Adobe

Indian Ink Seeping in an Ornate Pattern / Congealed Ink on Bromide Paper ©Stocksy/Adobe

Paper Sculptures & Polka Dots (above)  / Ink Block Composition / Mixed Media ©Stocksy/Adobe

Blue Frost Inkscape / Indian Ink on Paper

All images ©Barry Bödeker/Stocksy 
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